Fragment of a Misspent Youth

by dpreyde

Here’s a bonus entry for today. Originally I was going to write a post which contained this, as well as a whole bunch of stuff I wrote in my Cubs Handbook as a kid. But I can’t find the Handbook right now, and maybe it’s better that this stand on its own.

This is an entry from the diary I kept when I was a little kid. I had recently turned seven when I wrote this. I present the entry to you in full, with the original spelling and grammar.

1994 Aug 24

NOT SO COOL day So Two weeks from now and Im in gr 2!! PROBLEM! Teachers ugly so kill me!! So shoot the teachers and takeover the school!! Let the gr 6s do the job!! It can not hapan but can God do it or not? OH NOOOOO it says here my teacher is A MADMAN Huh yyou? OH OH NO AAAA I GOT AN F!!!!