What Kind of Week Has It Been

by dpreyde

-I passed up on the chance to meet Lynn Johnston and Jeff Smith in the course of a single day. I was feeling overstimulated by crowds and didn’t know what I’d say to them.

-I drank a blueberry-flavoured soda in a park while soaking up the sun with Hannah.

-I was bitten approximately fifteen times by a single bedbug in the course of about an hour.

-Hannah and I had one of our periodic epic conversations about the state of our relationship (what I like to call a State of the Union Address). This is what we do instead of argue. The conversations are blunt, honest, lengthy, and non-confrontational. Sometimes they get a little intense, because- even though neither of us are ever accusatory or angry- we don’t hold anything back either. Sometimes the issues raised haven’t even become issues yet.

-I took a bunch of my clothes to a laundromat and put them in the dryer to get rid of any bedbugs that might be hiding. I’ve spent too much time at this laundromat in the last few years. The walls are oppressively yellow.

-I rewatched several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation with my sister, including the one where a handful of the main characters are turned into children in a transporter accident. It’s one of our favourite episodes, even though (because?) it’s so fucking goofy.

-I wrote a blog post about how I couldn’t write a blog post.

-I had a really good burger at an aggressively masculine, vaguely hipsterish burger joint in Kensington Market.

-I read almost a hundred pages of a thousand page biography of The Beatles.

-Hannah and I listened to a bunch of Weird Al songs together.

-I read a really excellent oral history of The West Wing on Hannah’s laptop while she was taking a shower. I get a lot of good reading done while she’s in the bathroom.

-I ate 75% of a cheesecake.

-I rewatched the first five episodes of The West Wing with my family.

-I wrote a blog post about all my past relationships and significant romantic attractions, then worried after posting it that any one of the people I wrote about might read it and get offended.

-My grandfather was taken to the emergency room after suddenly losing the ability to walk.

-I wrote this blog post, reread it, and wondered if it was good enough to post.