Nobody Told Me- Postscript

by dpreyde

So this morning I was talking with my dad about his upbringing and the role his father played in his upbringing. He pointed out that while his father wasn’t overly involved in his life, he was certainly involved in the household, and modeled good behaviour as a husband.

I had been aware of my grandparents’ close and loving marriage, and particularly the positive impact this had on their children and their marriages.

It makes me wonder if masculinity and femininity achieve meaning through their interactions with each other. And not just romantic interactions, but also platonic, professional, familial, intergenerational, adversarial, and everything else.

My dad also pointed out that masculinity can play out in an understated, day-to-day way which might not necessarily get noticed. This reminded me of a scene from Louis C.K.’s TV show, which I’d already wanted to show you as a follow-up to the earlier post.

For the most part, I like the way that Louis C.K. does gender, and I find this scene in particular to be weirdly inspirational.