What Kind of Year Has It Been

by dpreyde

In approximate chronological order, this year

  1. I wandered around the campus of the University of Waterloo in the icy cold, marveling at its inaccessibility.
  2. I saw a dead body for the first time. And went underwear shopping afterward.
  3. I went to the C.N. Tower for the first time in 19 years. It was in the middle of the polar vortex, and Toronto’s harbour was almost completely frozen.
  4. I orchestrated a treasure hunt across downtown Toronto.
  5. I started swimming weekly with Hannah at a children’s rehab hospital.
  6. In a fit of autism, I watched fifty episodes of The Twilight Zone in the span of about a month and graded them all on a letter scale. The lowest mark was a C-, I believe, and the highest (An Occurrence at Owl Creek) was an A+.
  7. I got bedbugs in my apartment for the third time in three years.
  8. I read an excellent biography of The Beatles which was about a thousand pages long. It took me five months.
  9. I walked twenty kilometers with Hannah down Yonge Street, from just north of the 401 to the harbour.
  10. I starred in an educational movie for adults with Asperger’s.
  11. Hannah and I walked up a mountain and almost got stuck at the top.
  12. I tasted St. Herbert’s chicken and was never the same.
  13. I watched Boyhood and was never the same.
  14. Hannah and I went out for steak at The Keg and walked up the street afterward to the only custard shop in Toronto. We discussed what kind of a future we wanted.
  15. I moved into an apartment with a near stranger at the recommendation of my friend Foster. It worked out very well.
  16. I walked thirty-three kilometers across Toronto for charity.
  17. I learned how to make fajitas.
  18. I spent $45 on discount Halloween candy and- in the middle of a dreadful cold- ate most of it. In the middle of the cold, my grandmother informed me that sugar suppresses the immune system.
  19. My roommate started bringing his family’s dog Mika to stay with us on a regular basis. In addition to being a sweetheart, she is a total shit who will steal and eat anything edible.
  20. I started writing a book about surviving high school with Asperger’s Syndrome.
  21. After Hannah told me to shit or get off the pot, I started sending my novel off to publishers.
  22. I stood outside the World’s Biggest Bookstore as it was being demolished. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen, and I saw my dog get euthanized.
  23. My friend Ed informed me that he was moving to Japan in two weeks. I didn’t think he actually would, and then he did.
  24. I attended Catholic mass.
  25. I sat in front of a roaring fire and watched Mrs Doubtfire while, sitting next to me, Hannah diligently filled out an endless series of Christmas cards.