Postscript: The Second Aqua Aerobics Class

by dpreyde

In the interest of fairness, I should note that the second aqua aerobics class we attended went much smoother than the first.

The Employee actually got into the pool with us in order to assist transferring Hannah, so we didn’t have to use the ceiling track lift. It was much easier.

And the women in the class made fun of me. The instructor decided to play a playlist of cheesy love songs, and before turning it on, specifically apologized to me.

“I know you’re a guy, and guys don’t like this kind of stuff,” she said. “Maybe next week you can choose the music.”

“It’ll probably be all heavy metal,” another woman said.

“Hannah can supervise the process,” a third woman said.

Later on in the change room, Hannah and I were laughing about this.

“I hate heavy metal,” I said. “I like show tunes!”

“Yeah, I thought about pointing that out, but I figured you didn’t want them knowing your life.”

It’s funny though, because I got the sense that by pointing out that I was different from them, the women were drawing me closer and including me in the group. This is an interesting interpersonal strategy which I don’t think I’ve witnessed before. At least, I’ve never been involved in it in any capacity.

Human beings are strange, but I kind of like them.