Nine Questions

by dpreyde

I’ve been nominated by Stephanie Harper for the Starlight Blogger Award. This involves answering a series of questions that she devised. I misread the instructions, and also answered a series of questions that Stephanie was asked by the blogger 4 Year Old Child.

  1. Do you believe in the Omnipotence Paradox?

I think paradoxes like these are fun to talk about, but they undercut and misunderstand the nature of faith. The Omnipotence Paradox is a logic puzzle, but faith has nothing to do with logic. It’s all about feeling, intuition, and need. The concept of God doesn’t exist in order to move objects, unmovable or otherwise. It exists in order to instill feelings of connectedness, safety, and belonging in people, and to provide a sense of purpose. Other things can fulfill these feelings as well, which is why religious faith isn’t necessary. But the concepts of God and religion are perhaps the most common ways of satisfying these very basic human needs.

  1. What is the craziest thing you’ve thought of doing?

I thought about walking across Canada in order to raise money to create a series of public safe spaces/gathering places designed for autistic people. What ended up stopping me wasn’t the physical aspect; I was and am capable of walking across the country. The thing that fucked me over were the logistical and organizational tasks. I just don’t have those skill sets.

  1. What is easier to find: unicorns or true love?

Unicorns don’t exist, which makes the answer to this question pretty obvious. Then again, we could get into a discussion of what truth means and how it pertains to love. How would one define true love? Personally, I think you know it when you experience it, and almost everyone has experienced it in one form or another at some point in their lives. Unicorns, on the other hand, are bullshit.

  1. If you were given the power to change one thing about this world, what would it be?

To reverse the apocalyptic damage I would cause if I had the power to change one thing about the world. Economic equality? An end to disease? World peace? All of these would have unforeseen negative consequences. Billions would die. Lessons would be learned. All I would want, at the end of it, is a chance to take it back.

  1. Which actor/actress should stop acting right away?

I’m sure there’s some aspiring actor out there whose repeated, failed attempts at breaking into the business are tearing their family apart. They should definitely spend more time with their spouse and children.

  1. Do you identify closely with a particular type of animal?

I’m very catlike in some ways, which is interesting, because I don’t like cats. I suppose I could get more specific and say that I’m catlike around most people. That is to say, I’m disengaged, aloof, self-interested, and averse to physical contact. With my loved ones, I’m much more like a dog.

  1. Do you have a favourite author? If so, what do you find compelling about his or her writing?

My favourite authors are- in alphabetical order- Bill Bryson, Roger Ebert, Alice Munro, and Michel Rabagliati. Also, I’ve only read one book by Helen Oyeyemi, but she’s already circling to land.

Bryson and Ebert are very similar writers, possibly due to their shared Midwestern backgrounds. They are cantankerous, geeky, giddily enthusiastic about their interests, and possess sarcastic, bitchy senses of humour. They also both have a certain sweetness and almost childlike sense of wonder which prevents them from becoming too jaded.

Munro is the most recent addition to the list. I’m still trying to get my head around her; she leaves me in awe. She’s remarkably consistent. Her writing is precise and thoughtful. Everything she writes about- and she touches on a lot of different subjects and themes- is lively and engrossing. Munro seems to be operating on a different plane than most writers.

Rabagliati has devoted his career to a series of semi-autobiographical graphic novels and, in doing so, has accomplished something extraordinary. The novels each have a distinct plot, but are mostly a collection of little moments in an ordinary life; buying hot dogs, going hiking, watching T.V. But these moments accumulate and build on each other, becoming much more than the disparate parts. The result is profoundly moving.

  1. What foreign country would you like to visit and why?

Any of the Scandinavian countries, because they seem to really have their shit together. Denmark, for instance, is routinely rated the happiest country in the world. Norway and Sweden are often ranked as having the highest overall quality of life in the world. Finland’s educational system is envied by most other countries. I’d love to go to any (or all) of those countries and see what’s happening.

  1. What is your biggest vice? What would it take for you to be able to give it up? Would it be worth it?

Sugar is my biggest vice. I’ve tried giving it up a few times and haven’t been able to do it. The first time was for my sociology course in high school; we were supposed to eliminate a bad habit and write about the results. I experienced severe feelings of panic, anxiety, helplessness, guilt, and shame, to the extent that there were moments when all I could do was focus on the pain I was in. Several years later I also stopped eating sugar for a few days. That time wasn’t deliberate, and I don’t remember the exact circumstances. The fallout wasn’t as bad, but I no longer had P.T.S.D. at that point. Even without mental health problems, I was irritable, restless, and nervous. Diabetes runs on both sides of my family, and I have no idea what I’ll do when my turn comes.

Apparently I’m supposed to come up with my own series of questions and nominate a blogger to answer them, but my favourite blog is no longer active. So at the end of this entry I’ll be asking you- yes, you- a series of questions as an opportunity for personal reflection(which I daresay you badly need after the things you did last night).

  1. Which of your parents do you love more?
  2. What’s the worst thing that has happened to you at a wedding?
  3. What’s the best thing that has happened to you at a funeral?
  4. What is your favourite emotion?
  5. If you met your thirteen-year-old self, how would they feel about you?