A List of Shit I’ve Been Permanently Exempted From Because I’m In a Relationship With a Wheelchair User

by dpreyde

When I was single and trying to socialize with people, I constantly felt self-conscious about the fact that I was totally uninterested in most of the activities my peers liked. What’s worse, I didn’t feel I had a good excuse for dodging these activities. Most of the stuff they suggested were things that were awkward for me because of my disability. But my personality developed around my disability, so I grew up without any interest in most of the stuff I couldn’t do. It wasn’t just that I couldn’t do this shit; I believed it to be objectively boring and couldn’t fathom why anyone would be interested in it. Because everyone else was interested in these things, I also wondered whether there was something wrong with me, and whether I would ever have an uncomplicated, mutually satisfying interpersonal relationship.

Then I started dating someone in a wheelchair and all these problems were solved. I hadn’t anticipated this happening, and I cannot overstate how delighted I was when I discovered this was the case. Below is a partial list of the activities that I have been permanently exempted from.

-Roller skating


-Bicycle rides

-Bicycle tours of the Niagara wine country

-Worrying that I might be high maintenance

-Pub crawls




-White water rafting


-Worrying that my disability might be an inconvenience

-Sitting in the plebe section of the train

-Having to line up in public places

-Paying for most museums, art galleries, and theatres

-Going outside to get groceries


-Roller coasters

-Worrying that our lives might go completely off the rails if one of us gets seriously sick or injured

-Hang gliding


-That frightening attraction at the C.N. Tower where they put you in a harness and dangle you over the edge

-Ballroom dancing lessons


-Scuba diving

-Rock climbing

-Batting cages


A List of Shit I Assumed I Was Exempted From Because I’m In a Relationship With a Wheelchair User Until I Discovered This Was Sadly Not the Case

-Laser tag


-Road trips