About the Blog

A Different Sort of Solitude is about the experience of having Asperger’s, and the experience of having a disability in a culture that believes autistic people and disabled people are broken and in need of repair.

Because Asperger’s is primarily a social and communication disability, I believe the heart of Asperger’s is isolation.

It’s our sense of apartness and feeling of disconnection which marks us as different from other groups of people. Most other marginalized groups are apart from the societal norm, yes, but autistics experience a different sort of solitude. Each autistic person is a world unto themselves, due to our unique difficulty in expressing our feelings, thoughts and needs, and our struggle in socializing with other people in a meaningful way.

These gaps can only be bridged if autistic people work our asses off alongside non-autistic people who are highly empathetic and open-minded to different ways of experiencing the world.

The blog is about that, too.

I believe that Asperger’s is not something to be fixed. It is a valuable culture unto itself, and every single person with Asperger’s represents their own subculture.

The blog is, more than anything else, about my personal autistic subculture. So while not everything written here is explicitly about disability, and even though my disability isn’t the sum total of who I am, my autism is always present, affecting everything I think and do and feel.

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