I am available to do presentations about Asperger’s Syndrome and related issues.

In the past I’ve presented for teaching candidates at OISE, disability studies students at OISE, autistic kids (as well as their neurotypical brethren) at an elementary school in Markham, Deaf kids at the Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf, social workers in Barrie, and a whole crowd of people at the Pickering Town Centre’s third annual Accessibility Event.

I was the second undergraduate student ever to present a paper at the International Disability Studies Conference when it was held in Philadelphia, and I presented another paper at the same conference two years later in Denver.

I have received two awards from the University of Toronto: an academic award, and an award recognizing the community service I’ve done through my presentations about Asperger’s.

In addition to having Asperger’s Syndrome, being friends with people who have Asperger’s, and having family with Asperger’s, I worked for two years at the University of Toronto facilitating a social group for students on the autistic spectrum.

I also studied disability studies at the University of Toronto.

For more information, please contact me at I work on a sliding scale.